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Thursday, 31 May 2012

Here's some of my own writing. It's work in progress, but here's Chapter 1 of Dragon Story (I haven't made up a name for it yet, I won't until I've finished it):

Oh great. Late again. This time was detention for sure. I sped up, my heavy school bag bouncing on my back as I raced down the road. I HATED going to school by tube. Delays every other day. Nightmare. My legs felt like led as I galloped down the hill from the tube stop. I hated running. I was the worst in the class.
Plop! Something fell on my hand. Oh please not rain! I gazed up at the gray sky. Generally not the best idea while running, on hindsight. I hurtled straight into something rough, and hard.
“OUCH! Sorry.” I said, without properly looking at what I had hit.
I glanced down… and screamed! I had hit something huge… and scaly… and red. I turned to run but this… thing shifted, knocking over the brick wall it was in front of. I glanced around for help, but no-one else was in the street. That was odd. It was usually packed at rush hour. I looked back to the red scaly thing, and realized it was even larger than what I had first thought, but it was curled into a ball. I then realized it was making a strange whimpering noise, like the one that my dog Rocky made when I shut him in the kitchen when I went to school. My fear fled and my heart melted. I ran over to the poor thing.
Help me” The words seemed to appear in my mind.
“What? Who? Where?” I jumped and stumbled backwards.
Help me. The dragon.
The… no… the dragon?

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