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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Happy Summer Holiday!

To celebrate the start of my Summer Holiday, here is Chapter 6 of My Dragon Story! I do want to apologize for two aspects of this story, by the way- the very short chapters (and this chapter is probably the shortest of all) and the Eragony mind-reading thing. However, I did think up of the idea of this story before I read Eragon. Happy summer, everyone!

I closed my thoughts to him so I could think in private. In a proper pairing, wouldn’t both sides want to share all their thoughts? They would have to be in perfect harmony to be a pair, so this thoughts-sharing-thing would really work. But what if they wanted to speak out loud? I opened my thoughts again.
Can you speak? I mean, to people who aren’t your Spires?”
“Of course I can speak. Well, only to other dragons. I don’t need to speak to humans until I have my Spire, and then my Spire can translate. If I want to speak to other dragons, I do this:”
They he gave a sort of quiet roar, loud enough so I could hear him but quiet enough not to wake the whole city.
“You understand that? There’s like a dragon language? That’s so cool!”
I had always liked linguistics, and I liked that they had their own language.
“I just made a polite greeting to an elder or otherwise superior in dragon language. There are twenty different types of greeting. I would use that greeting to someone who had a higher job position and was older than me. ” 
I was enthralled, and wanted him to tell me more, but then we started to dip downwards towards the center of the city. I was a bit disappointed; I loved flying; it had the most euphoric feeling. I supposed it would be even better for Landa, as he was paired with Thracnaw. When he came back, I would be redundant, left to go home and face a normal boring life. I had always wanted adventure, and I was getting it, but how could I turn my back on all of this when my adventure was over? We landed with a bump in a square in front of the three big buildings. I slid down Thracnaw’s back, feeling the elation of flying wearing off, onto the nice bouncy ground.
‘Now,’ he thought to me, ‘we must go to see the Grade Queen Pair’

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