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Friday, 1 June 2012

Here's Chapter 2 of my Dragon Story. Sorry Chapter 1 was so short!

Help me” The cry came again, seeming more plaintive than before.
I hurried over to the creature’s side, fully aware I was about to become crispy toast but not exactly able to stop myself either.
“What should I do?” My voice cracked.
Just think it” Thought the dragon.
Think it. You have water in your bag, yes?
YES,”I thought, as loud as I could
No need to shout,” the dragon thought.
I knew I should be panicking. But a steady calm had settled over me. Was it some dragon magic? Was that why the street was empty? I dug the water out of my bag and presented it to the dragon.
H-here,” I thought.
Yes, I stuttered in my mind.
Pull yourself together,” I thought to myself, as a fresh wave of calm washed over me.
A plastic bottle? I’m a dragon, you fool!
Sorry, sorry.
Squirt it into my mouth!
A small pit, with fire at the bottom, lined with razor sharp spikes seemed to open where I had bumped into- the dragon’s head, I now knew. My hand shook as I squirted the water into the dragons throat.
“Are you... are you real? Am I mad? What’s happening?”
“My name is Thracnaw. I was looking for Decaleloss with my Spire, Landa-”
 “Spire? Decaleloss? Landa? Please explain!”
“ Landa is my Spire- the person who rides me. Decaleloss is evil. He is the one big threat to all dragons and their Spires. His mission is to destroy us, until we are wiped out. He took Landa, straight off my back. He sent his spies, the Cata Crows. I have no control over flight without my Spire. I crashed here.”
My mind was reeling. All of this was too strange, too incomprehensible.
“Will you be my temporary Spire? I need your help to get Landa back.” The dragon- Thracnaw- thought.
“I have school. I have a life. How can I leave all that to go on a suicide mission? I’m sorry, Thracnaw, but you’ll have to find him on your own. Get another dragon and Spire to help you!”

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