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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Here's chapter 3 of my dragon story! Sorry, it's really bad!

“I can’t. It is my mission, and the Spire’s that I choose, to do this.”
He turned his head away. He looked so pitiful. Tears welled up in my eyes. I couldn’t just leave him. But my parents, my friends, they’d freak if I just left, vanished. And what if I never came back? What if I died doing this?
“What will happen if we don’t rescue him?” I thought to Thracnaw.
“ Decaleloss will kill him. I’ll be stranded here, for him to pick off as and when he chooses. We are the only Grades standing-“
“A dragon and his Spire. We are the only Grades standing against Decaleloss. My daughter would carry on, I suppose, but she hasn’t yet found her Spire. She was due at decena- the age you find your Spire- ten and a half in your time- one human month ago, but I guess the right human will come in time.”
“I’ll go!” I thought quickly, before I could change my mind.
“Thank you,” said the dragon, his thoughts full of gratitude.
I clambered up on his back. He snorted once, spread his wings, knocking down a nearby house. I heard screams, but then I was up in the air and laughing with delight. This was fun!
“Which way to… Where are we going? I know nothing about this! ”
“Don’t worry. First we are going to The City Of The Grades, to get you equipped and me fully healed. You can also meet my daughter, Sentaw. It is in the Cantanu Cloud system, which at the moment is above Australia.”
I whooped in delight. Australia! The other side of the world! I had at least a day of solid flying ahead of me. Yes! Flying was the best thing I’d ever experienced, and I couldn’t get enough of it. But after an hour of laughing, giddy with glee, my thoughts started to slow down, and for the first time I tried to put down a mental barrier between me and Thracnaw. I knew our thoughts had become separated when he turned his great red head towards me, surprise flickering in his eyes, and inclined his head in a little nod of respect towards me. I wasn’t stupid, someone for him to do what he liked with, and I had to show it, a bit like with a dog. I smiled at this thought. I guessed that dragons were noble beasts, but they needed a spire to guide them, a strong spire who could live harmoniously with them, but one who could also be brave and strong and who would guide them through danger and peace time alike. But when he got his old spire back, would he dump me back here to face my parents' worry, missing person reports and maths homework, after all I’d seen? No. He couldn’t do that. Surely. But my parents. Oh God, my parents. What was I doing to them? They would be so worried.

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